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💛🌏 A Flash of Grace
       Journey Newsletter #38
       Monday 1st August 2022

Dear Companions 💎🕸💎🕸💎

In the midst of the intense energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal which peaks on 8/8/22 and the record-breaking heat of this New England summer, just as we are busily celebrating three Leo birthdays in our family, the urge to write a Journey newsletter arises strongly and refuses to be ignored!😄 After enjoying six months of (mostly) stillness and solitude, it was around the June solstice that I found myself slowly emerging and feeling a new eagerness to interact with the world. So here we are, seven months on from when I last wrote on 1st Jan 2022 and so much is happening!

As wave after wave of fiery solar plasma from CMEs bathe the planet, auroras are seen in unprecedented hues and the transformative energies flowing through our bodies intensify. Like finely tooled lasers they burn off minuscule remnants of obstacles to love, insisting we attend to all we thought we were so done with! Themes resurface in most unexpected ways often in familiar everyday encounters. Bursts of chaotic interaction and feelings flare with a blue intensity gone in moments! Leaving us wondering what just happened yet somehow lighter, free and clear!

The rigidity of the old is burning off. The tired worn-out 3D world founded on separation and comparison with its stagnant solidity of either/or, up or down, in or out, for or against, has served us well. And the new comes in the present through wholehearted desire, loving intent and choice of each one, alone together. With willingness and courage we remember there is no other. We allow whatever shows up in front of us to be what it is, a ‘gift’ cocreated by us, as us, and for us. Then watch in awe as specks of deep cellular imprinting, shelved like museum pieces perhaps lifetimes ago, effortlessly transmute in a flash of grace. It is the power of love ever expanding through our own sweet spacious selves exactly as we are here and now, nothing left out! Leaving us breathless, the elevated self of form buzzing, light body shimmering.

The real-ize-ation dawns within the very atoms and particles of our own being — I need do nothing of myself, for I am not a body, I am are free, and I am still as God created me. And with gratitude we perhaps understand at last, through the tenderness of being fully human, flesh and blood, what the words in these books have been trying to convey for years — A Course in Miracles (50+), A Course of Love (20+), A Journey Into The Unknown (2+), and now Arrival. And of course myriad others like Oneness by Rasha (20+), Creation of The New (10+), The Way of Mastery (10+), and recently Choose Only Love, Mirari and Memoria, Divine New Being, and more!

The New is just a breath beyond this moment. A vibrant space where all of the old is held in a spaciousness that observes with compassion, unafraid to feel everything. Where we know who we truly are, and being love, need nothing but in turn to love and bless. Each one individuated within the whole, walking around as a unique sovereign universe that ripples into each other’s with every intention, thought, word, and action. All of it cradled within the embrace of love, the infinite quantum field that is all of creation. In union and relationship, each one CoCreating each’s experience, being in-formed and in-forming each other in the here and now. Infinite possibilities of everything everywhere all at once, yet only through each choice for love, drawing the highest outcome into form, making the possible probable! The unseen wisdom of the Field always available as we pause, breathe, and listen. It’s one of those inescapable both/and things that herald the New.

For me today, the books of A Journey Into The Unknown and Arrival are where the rubber hits the road. In ‘Arrival Series 2: The Flowering of Christ’ and ‘Arrival Series 5: The Flowering of Christ — Resurrection’ now arriving weekly, thanks to Rick Greathouse, Mother Mary continues to answer the myriad practical questions raised by many of us, addressing the doubts and challenges of living authentically each day as Christ.

Twenty years ago in 2002, Mari Perron received ACOL’s Dialogue Unveiled from Jesus, who asks us, “How afraid are you of your inability to listen to the personal without judgment? How strongly do you fear the discomfort that might ensue from being real? Just how unspiritual do you think it would be to admit to fears or discomfort? Just how awful do you think it would be to grow frustrated or angry or to disagree? How willing are you to leave The Dialogues as a topic in order to enter the dialogue?” (U.21-22)

Explore within as your heart prompts, your own responses to the 23 pre-dialogue questions Jesus asks, and read the full text of Dialogue Unveiled.

Today St. Germain in ‘Arrival Series 3, Reflections of Christ: An Honest Look in Love’s Mirror’ politely😁 suggests we ask ourselves, “What would it take for me to be free enough to contemplate or discuss anything? What am I afraid will happen if I do? Can I be fearless and look inside deeply instead of blaming/shaming/finger-pointing at people or situations that are reminding me to do so? When I look out into the world today, do I see billions of other versions of myself at different stages of development?” And I politely😆 add, Just how willing are you to quit discussing the concepts in the many books you’ve read, in order to actually live as Christ being fully human on the planet, the imperfectly perfect accomplished, loving unconditionally, blessing indiscriminately, showering compassion wherever you walk?

St. Germain’s laser-focused questions cut straight through the BS💩 exposing all traces of self-righteous judgment hidden behind the guise of love. How do I know? Haha!😆 because I’m in it! Living it! Writing only to share the distilled wisdom gleaned so far! Willingly looking at my own BS💩 Being seared to a crisp over and over in rapid succession these past weeks, only to rise like a Phoenix, gifts and unexpected delights around each corner. Real-izing in each experience, an alchemical transformation into an even tastier morsel than I was before! (And as I type morsel, autocorrect changes it to ‘more self’! How perfect!) With trepilation (my word for the seamless both/and feelings of trepidation and exhilaration, anticipating endless joys within sorrows within joys) I am celebrating new octaves of power, flow, freedom, and joy. This, my precious companions, is my only wish for you! And I would love to hear your experience and insight, so feel free to email me as your heart prompts💞 (

With blessings and with love to each and all 🌺

💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in 💚Feel💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

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