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🌟🌍 Arrival Series 7: From Me to You, Installment 74, 26 May 2024
       Christ Letters for the Second Coming 7-10
       Friday 31st May 2024

The seventh series of Arrival called ‘From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming’ offers us encouraging messages from Jesus, Mother Mary, and St. Germain. Jesus announced this new series saying “We will focus on each of you, helping you to come into your sense of power as God on the earth.” Well, the latest installment is a bit of a surprise. It comprises four Christ Letters 7-10, all from Mother Mary! Sweet! Enjoy these excerpts and read the full text of the latest Christ Letters on the Arrival website.

“Dearest ones in Christ, I return to you during these turbulent times to announce my new appointment to a leadership role from this side of the veil. I Am the Guardian in Chief for the growing group of Christs currently on the Earth. … As the manifestation of the Divine Feminine energy, which is simply wholeness, the executive council selected me to be in charge of the earth's Christ collective. Jesus and St. Germain will be my right and left hands in our new energy configuration. They are both important parts of my energy, but the keyword here is part. The Divine Feminine is inclusive of the masculine and is inclusive of all. Each one of you is now part of my light.” (7 Food for the Soul)
“… Jesus was the focal point during his short number of years on the earth. He was selected for this mission because of the patriarchal power structure on the earth at that time, and that largely continues in this day and age. The mother figure was a means to an end type of support system. It was not seen as anything other than that, because women were not seen as anything other than that. To do otherwise wouldn't have been acceptable to those who were looking and judging what they saw. … Seeds were sown for Christ Consciousness and then darkness prevailed. The ego had its way and created its own societies and religions. The truth was distorted and blocked from view. This is the story of the human part of the earth project. All humans fell into a deep frozen state and believed things that were the opposite of what was true. Unconditional love, acceptance, and inclusion of all were not welcome. …” (8 The Back Story)
“… His (Jesus’) teachings were mostly rejected and repressed. What little survives was so watered down and distorted that it largely lost its value. Fast forward to a time when humans were experimenting more and becoming more open minded about everything … We can all say that with Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age, Jesus' mission has absolutely been accomplished. The message has been clearly delivered on behalf of all of us in the family of God. Now it is my turn to be at the helm as the mother of a new kind of energy.” (9 I Am Woman Hear Me Roar)
“The Executive Council has made itself known to you as the Cadre of Souls. They oversee all worlds of form as well as the vast formless world. … Jesus, St. Germain, and I are all members of the Executive Council/Cadre of Soul and mentors for the earth's Christed ones. … All are equal contributors in God dear ones, but through organization our collective energy can be that much more effective in achieving our goal. Which is to claim the earth as our own, hence heaven on earth.“ (10 A New Beginning)

💛Pause❤️Breathe 💚Feel💜Receive💖Act
Sharing in Freedom, Power, and Joy!
With love to each and all 🌺

[© 2020-2024 Rick Greathouse, Arrival]
Image: Autumn Skye Art, Holy Grail
Image: Stinson Beach CA, Nick Strutt, 5 Dec 2021
Image: Golden Sunrise, Christina Strutt, 8 Jan 2024

Explore the Seven Series of Arrival

“The first thing that you have needed is nurturing and support. You were nurtured for many years, mainly by spiritual teaching literature, such as A Course in Miracles. When your soul matured and was ready to take over control from the ego, then you needed to be supported in that because you wouldn't find any support for Christ in the human world. That's certainly true. A Journey into the Unknown took you from the nurtured mature soul phase to a fully emerged Christ aspect. You then developed relationships with many in the unseen world as your internship and residency. Now, you have graduated and opened your own offices, so to speak. We are continuing our support now with Arrival.”
- Jesus, 2021

Series 1: Living in The Material World
Series 2: The Flowering of Christ
Series 3: Reflections of Christ, an Honest Look into Love’s Mirror
Series 4: Secrets of Christ
Series 5: The Flowering of Christ — Resurrection
Series 6: Departure — The Mystery of God
Series 7: From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming

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💛 Bobcat Patience
       Postscript to 🌈Auroras🦊Fox Fires🔥Plasma✨
       Sunday 19th May 2024

Guess what!? Remember that bobcat I wrote about in my last post? Who showed up “Right in the middle of our phone call … Big fellow. Dirty greyish brown color. Strolling the length of the pool patio just outside the chainlink fence, like he owned the place!”, reminding me to be Patient!? Well this is he!😳 Perfectly captured on our wildlife cam, sauntering across our lawn headed for the path along the pool fence. What a fine specimen!

More to the point, and as trivial as it may sound, I’d been struggling all morning with the fact that the pool heater which had been working fine two days ago when the pool was opened, had now stopped. And we have a week of 80°F days coming up! The New England winter is finally over! My inner native equatorial island girl was devastated. An early chance to swim evaporating in a second! I was struggling to yield/to allow what was in front of me to be exactly what it is. I was practicing equanimity 💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel, yet feeling so disappointed, cheated even! What a cruel trick! As I allowed the flow of everything as best I could without judgment without attachment to outcome, I noticed the beginnings in my belly of a fiery visceral knowing, a sense of infinite quantum possibility! Anything could happen! Everything could shift again in an instant! After all I AM Love Light Plasma Creator BEing in Oneness!

And that’s the moment Colin downloaded this gorgeous bobcat image off the wildlife cam and texted it to me. Hah! The universe winked! Patience! I got the message smiled to myself and went about my day unconcerned! And not two hours later Colin tried the heater one final time before calling for service … and it worked! Enough said! I love it when the universe winks!! The thing is it’s winking all the time … am I listening? Now? And now? How about now? Are you? … hugs xo 🌺

💛Pause❤️Breathe💙Listen in💚Feel🩷Allow🧡Receive💜Trust YourSelf💖Act

Take care of your selves and each other
With blessings and with so much love 🌺

Image: Bobcat in Westford MA, Christina Strutt, 15 May 2024

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🌈Auroras🦊Fox Fires🔥Plasma✨
       Wednesday 15th May 2024

Dear Companions✨🕸✨🕸✨

Ever since the Aurora sightings over us and our home here in Westford, Massachusetts four days ago, I’ve been buzzing, excited, weepy, energized, and exhausted, feeling it all and more seamlessly as one! No idea why. Not thinking about it at all. Simply BEing with the visceral experience and movement within even as I’m being everyday ‘normal’, like interacting with plumbers, builders, landscapers. Concrete ‘things’ getting done/fixed/built as l chat with them (all young men) about how beyond our physical bodies we really are the energy of pure Love. To which, this morning, two of them respond “I know”. That it’s never about the ‘thing’ we do, it’s really about how we do it and the love that we are, in which we show up. That the banknotes of the tip I give them is just as much the energy of love as are the rose quartz hearts I place in the palms of their hands! Wow! Are these the effects of our/the planet’s recent and continuing plasma bath? More and more people are re-membering? I’d love to hear your experiences!

On the phone this morning with my friend Gail tears flowed easily. We got talking about electromagnetic storms and their effects, about auroras, about the Age of Aquarius we’re navigating, and how the knowing landed in me years ago that Aquarius represents a plasma-carrier, not a water carrier at all! [💛Plasma, 11 Feb 2019]. And then I remembered the 6-minute film I wrote about back then! A Finnish fable [🦊🔥Fox Fires, 8 Sep 2019] on the origin of the constellations, auroras, and a little fox “… eventually realizing her true nature is not to be a physical ‘thing’ but to function as a movement of energy inviting all willing hearts forward into joining and CoCreating as expressions of Love — making the Invisible Field visible for everyone!” Wow! Such perfect encouragement! Isn’t this really what all of this is about? Write and tell me how it feels for you?

Oh and I almost forgot! Right in the middle of our phone call — a major bobcat sighting! First one this year. Big fellow. Dirty greyish brown color. Strolling the length of the pool patio just outside the chain-link fence, like he owned the place! Bobcat signifies Patience [💛Patience, 9 Jan 2021]. A crystal clear reminder to me! One step at a time. One moment at a time. No stress. No rush. No need to try and organize/control anything. And most of all, no need to push myself to get things done. All things unfolding effortlessly with ease, in perfect order and in perfect timing!

Here’s a little bit more about plasma [💛A Space Hurricane, 9 Mar 2021] Scientists now know that filaments of plasma networked together in a single fluid unbroken cosmic web — the Indra’s Net of our cosmos — fill 99.999% of our universe. And they acknowledge the existence of what they call “a mysterious background energy” that in-forms this complex self-organizing system. As the sun reaches solar maximum (the peak of its 25th 11-year solar cycle) it is the plasma thrown off in our direction (as solar flares and CMEs) that is the sacred conveyor of new cosmic light intelligence. Much as water is the conveyor of solar light energy into cellular form in photosynthesis for plants. This new intelligence is available to each one of us as we choose in stillness and attention to become available to it. Consciously allowing and receiving what Jason Estes calls “Stem Cells for the Soul” at this challenging stage of deep cellular transfiguration of our mind-body vehicles. For we are literally CoCreating our new selves in union and relationship — “the Elevated Self of Form” described in A Course of Love.

“Life, your humanity, is the variability. Spirit, your oneness, is the constant. Life is oneness extended into separation and variability through experience. The elevated Self of form will be the expression of new life lived within the constant of wholeness but continuing to experience the variability of separation. This is what you practice as you gather on the mountain top while remaining on level ground.”
— ACOL, The Dialogues, D:Day27.15

Pause❤️Breathe 💚Feel💜Receive💖Act

Take care of your selves and each other, and I so look forward to you sharing your insights and experiences here! All for one and one for all!

With so much love 🌺

Image: Auroras in Westford MA, Christina Strutt, 10 May 2024
Sharing message:Image: Fox Fires, Keilidh Bradley, 16 August 2019

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🔥💛🌏 Soul in the Driver’s Seat
       Both/And, Soul Journey Newsletter #4
       Saturday 4th May 2024

Dearest Companions✨🕸✨🕸✨

The tulips are blooming here in New England as I inch reluctantly out of my cozy winter cocoon, the spring sunshine warming my front while icy winds nip at my back. Feeling heat and cold as one experience in my body. Both/And. As I write to you, I watch mama cardinal in the ancient hemlock outside my patio door. She’s snuggled down in her nest keeping her eggs warm. Her remaining eggs that is. For one lay smashed on the patio step yesterday. Nurturers and predators. Feeling these too, love and the call for love, I am making room for all within me. Both/And. Joy and sorrow. Experiencing all experience within me as distinctly mine and of All/Oneness. Both/And. True lived experience as human and divine is both visceral and celestial. It is messy. It can be painful. Can you see why I might prefer my cozy cocoon? And yet here I Am! Here we are! With each choice for joining in union and relationship expressing our true selves, flowing as the cosmic ocean of infinite love, plasma, both lightwave and particle, bending the laws of reality one moment at a time in ways perhaps unseen yet always powerfully felt. This I know beyond doubt with the certainty of experience. And I know you know this too.

As separation and blame seem to amplify in many arenas of our world, so does the ever present voice within saying “Can you love this? And this? How about this? Now can you love this too?” Accessing my wholehearted Yes is often a challenge. To look with clear-eyed observance in oneness is more than a simple choice. It is a devoted intention and a discipline. Both/And. Noticing and allowing my reactions to be exactly what they are whether anger or approval, acknowledging and owning them. Both/And. Neither denying nor indulging, but tenderly and gratefully enfolding long-banished aspects of myself that are simply clamoring to be seen and loved and welcomed home. All missing parts melting softly safely into the spaciousness of Creator BEing that I AM!

Only then am I truly able to embrace and enfold every one in kindness and compassion (heart) without the need to understand (mind). As often as I might fail the voice reminds me “Can you love yourself in this way too?” It is a 24/7 job, so rewarding and so f@#%ing exhausting. Both/And! Are you feeling it too? So don’t be fooled by the simple language and seemingly mundane daily questions of Soul in the Driver’s Seat Ch7: Steps to Authenticity! As we dig deep with devotion and discipline, Colin and I (together 52 years) are having spirited conversations, uncovering subtle judgements deeply programmed into us that underly seemingly innocent everyday choices. Both of us growing in freedom to express our true selves one moment at a time. I guess no one said living unconditional love was easy. If it were, everyone would be, and we’d all be effortlessly luxuriating in heaven on earth! In fact Jesus is super clear, “The soul's purpose is to express unconditional love in a place that is hostile to it. It is this simple, and it is this difficult.”

God bless us all 💛🙏🏾💛 for our willingness and availability to this momentous challenge! Trusting that you each receive this newsletter as a hudge — a huge hug with a nudge! Both/And!🙂 Enjoy the gift of these excerpts today and remember to visit the websites regularly for the latest messages of Arrival (bimonthly) and Soul (monthly)! 💝

From a powerful Special Message from Mother Mary, Easter Sunday, 31 Mar — “Resurrection happens in each moment, when the past is forgotten and the opportunity to begin again awaits. My son was the Christ, as was I during our time on the earth. Now I have many Christed Children all over the world, from every walk of life. They allow the energy of love to express through them and grow from a tiny seed to a full manifestation, ready to respond with love to a world so thirsty for it.”

From Arrival Series 7, From Me to You — The Christ Letters for the Second Coming, Letters 4-6, Truth Telling, 31 Mar — From Jesus, “Why should you always tell the truth as messengers of the great Divine life force? Don't waste your valuable time looking for truth in the world. Look at yourSelf. Look at the Christ within. Look at the God within. Your soul will tell you the truth 100% of the time, at the 100% level.” From Mother Mary, “Don't lie and say things like, 'it will get better' because maybe it will, but maybe it won't. You don't know how much the involved soul can provide because you don't know the resistance level of the character vehicle. In this world, it is the character's ego that has the last say and can delay surrender indefinitely.” From St. Germain, “It may not make you popular around town or around internet chat rooms, but telling the truth, whether it's gently or bluntly, is part and parcel with living as Christ. Christ does not ever intend to upset someone or cause offense, but Christ knows that these reactions are likely to happen with some or many egos.”

From Soul in the Driver’s Seat, Ch7, Steps to Authenticity, April: Role-playing, 31 Mar — “Role-playing is always done from ego, and therefore the ten dilemmas are at play. Soul has no use for any kind of playing or pretending, as souls only serve with love. Some of the ego-level dilemmas that make themselves known are being special, being arrogant, being defensive, being greedy, and being grandiose.”

From Soul in the Driver’s Seat, Ch7, Steps to Authenticity, May: Character Assassination, 30 Apr — “The mind becomes angry about nearly everything under the sun that is not the way it thinks it should be. Then it blames everyone near and far for their possible involvement. Character assassination starts with thoughts, so let's start there and stay close to home. How have you blamed yourself for something that happened recently?”


Sharing in Freedom, Power, and Joy!
With love to each and all 🌺

[© 2023 Rick Greathouse, Soul in the Driver’s Seat: A Course in Miracles for the New Age. Read in monthly installments at, and subscribe to the Soul Journey Newsletter for updates]

Image: Tulips, Christina Strutt, April 2023

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