Indra’s Net of Jewels

Imagine the universe as an infinite net spreading in all directions with no beginning or end. At every node is strung a multi-faceted jewel, each one reflecting all others in an ever changing cocreative flow. Each jewel a fractal of consciousness, a living organism; both a microcosm of the whole and inseparable from the whole; both uniquely distinct and essential to the integrity of the net; the whole and the parts in organic unity. This is the Vedic metaphor of Indra’s Net of Jewels, written in Sanskrit some five thousand years ago. And today, Quantum Science, with discoveries like the uncertainty principle and nonlocal entanglement, seems to be demonstrating the reality of this metaphor.

Are you noticing difficult conversations, arguments, and topics you avoid like politics and gender equality? Do you wonder if there’s a different way to look at these areas and to respond? Are you ready to set aside what you know for sure and try something new? Then bring your curiosity, willingness, and playfulness, join in as a Jewel in the Net and Go Quantum!

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