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💜 Completion of the Old
       Friday 19th March 2021

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 Today as this powerful Spring Equinox approaches, I turn to face and share my truth. Dear ones, I no longer have the energy nor do I hear/feel the heart-promptings to continue posting on Instagram, the many Journey messages — multiple arriving daily — from our team of pioneers in the unseen realms who are ever present here with us. Now, as always, I listen to my heart♥️ For I am and have been for a very long time, devoted to living, emBODYing, and BEing — in the first place — whatever messages I am then sharing with you. There is no place in the New for force nor struggle of any kind. There is only pausing, feeling, listening in, trusting and following my heart.

It is one whole year since I willingly made the choiceless choice to take on this task. As propelled by my soul's knowing, and supported in every way by our unseen team, the events of the past year have unfolded flowingly as sparkling gems, each step showing up in perfect timing. The work of offering the books of A Journey into the Unknown — transcribing, shaping, enhancing the material received, creating beauty in text and audio, and the perfect container through which Journey's messages are freely offered to the world (updated weekly with the latest) — is now done. All is easily available and ready to be received by all open and willing hearts. The sacred assignment that swept me up a year ago is complete. And with great love I remind you all that every single word of Journey is freely and readily available, as are all my original writings (links in bio) at and at

And now I rest at last in presence, and free myself to sink fully and deeply into the alchemy of the divine feminine (inclusive of divine masculine) that is arising on the planet. Through MIRARI: The Way of the Marys, through my soul's surrender to the primordial birthing movement within, and attending to the grief and tears that herald Creation of the New. It is the Way of the New, and for me personally, this is a fulfillment of the portend from Jesus, delivered last August through Rick Greathouse — “Christina will move from messenger to presence... Christina's role has been the Way of Jesus in putting this material out into the world and Rick's has been the Way of Mary, as receiver. These roles are about to switch. Each of you are both ways incarnate.” The pull to the Way of Mary within me can no longer be partially followed. It is time. I have chosen the seamless path of Union. The bud is ready to unfurl. The New is here. My dear brothers and sisters, listen deep within as the unprecedented energies of the Spring Equinox flood our beloved planet. Nothing will ever be the same again. With all my love, Christina🌺

❤️Pause 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

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💜 Grief-Joy
       Saturday 27th March 2021

Last Friday 19th Mar, I chose to step more fully into the unknown of my own unique path. The following day, on Spring Equinox, 20th Mar, my precious sisStar🌟Lori💎 passed on into the unseen. Just in the nick of time it seems I left the insanity of the old for immersion in the new. I feel Lori nudging me on in countless ways. We share a deep knowing of our connection to the Cathars🌹who lived as love in the example of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Their 700-year-old prophecy of the return of Love to the planet, the greening of the laurel, comes due in 2021. But more on that another time. For now I stay with the heart-womb-gut-wrenching grief-joy that has been flowing through me. I know it to be seamlessly both universal and personal. It is the essence of the feminine way inclusive of masculine, and I welcome it. For it is the feelings flowing fiercely through this fragile body merging as One in being, that births the kinder gentler One realm of New Earth, inclusive of all, here and now. Lori approves. As she would say, I love you each 🌺

❤️Pause 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

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💜 Unseen-Seen
       Saturday 27th March 2021

Sitting outside for a bit yesterday, singing ‘Lo boièr’ the Hymn of the Cathars, I felt to speak out loud a healing prayer from The Way of the Rose. A prayer of compassion and forgiveness for both ‘victim’ and ‘perpetrator’, ‘abused’ and ‘abuser’, in the masculine-feminine duality. As much for me as for all. As within so without. It is the present and ancient dynamic, played out with heart-rending drama in the massacre of the Cathars in the south of France by the Roman Catholic Church. Their only crime? Living as one being, as love in form. Masculine and Feminine merged. In peace, kindness, compassion, and community. And so I prayed, with my sisStar🌟Lori💎(who passed on a week ago) cheering me on. Feeling her so close yet unseen, I asked her for a sign in atoms! I feel you, I said, tears falling, but I need to see something! Show me that the realms seen and unseen are One. And that's when I read the day's ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’, Message #206 from Bill Thetford! 😳

“Hello everyone. It is Bill. Stand up and be counted. Our offices are all the same in one way but different in another. We all serve love but we do so in our own unique ways. What kind of stamp does love have after it passes through your office, after being enhanced and blessed by you? Lori Christ's offering is a bit different from Robert Christ's offering. Love is used from both aspects of God but the outcomes are each unique. Food for thought. Love, Bill”
(206, Friday March 26, 2021, © Rick Greathouse, A Journey Into The Unknown)

She did it! In electrons, not the atoms I asked for! Yet leaving me with absolutely no doubts. ‘Lori Christ’ is my Lori 🌸. ‘Robert Christ’ is Lori's beloved and grieving husband. And trust me, Rick Greathouse knows nothing of Lori, of her courage and resilience in the face of long illness, nor of her passing on the Spring Equinox last Saturday. What fun to think of Lori in cahoots with Bill Thetford (companion and colleague to Helen Schucman, scribe of A Course in Miracles) in blessed union and relationship — One Mind, One Heart, One Will. Sharing their images here. As Lori would say, I love you each beyond words 🌺

❤️Pause 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

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💜 212
       Sunday 28th March 2021

Call me crazy if you like. No matter, I have to share this! Yesterday, Sat 27th Mar, I wrote a couple of Instagram posts — 💜Unseen-Seen and 💜 Grief-Joy. And late last night, I decided to share them both here on my personal FaceBook page, making a couple of minor edits and concluding each of them in honor of my sisStar🌟 Lori💎 (who passed on a week ago) with the words – “As Lori would say, I love you each 🌺” Today five new ‘A Journey Into the Unknown’ messages from our ever-present companions in unseen realms arrived through Rick Greathouse. And here's the thing ... in all 215 Journey messages received since September 2020, the words “you each” (rather than “you all”) have been used precisely 22 times. All of them in phrases such as “blessings to you each” and “gratitude for you each”. Yet, for the first and only time in all 215 messages, the words “I love you each” is used in Message 212, by St Germain, today, Sunday 28th Mar! 😳 How can this be anything other than my sisStar🌟Lori💎 — radiant, crazy, beautiful, fierce dragon being that she is — this time in cahoots with St. Germain/St. Joseph/Merlin, showing up right here in our midst cheering us on. The veils are gone indeed. Union reigns in all realms seen and unseen. As above so below. As within so without. The quickening has begun. Are you feeling it? I love you each to infinity and beyond🌺 Christina

“Greetings everyone. It is I, the wise guy, St. Germain. Please don't take any of the reactions Jesus spoke of personally. Sometimes of course words and behavior hurt, but remembering who and what you are will help soften the blow. You are surrounded by angels and are each a messenger of God now. As time goes on, you will care less and less and will be more cavalier about it all. The religious and sometimes the spiritual people can just get over themselves. It's what their souls want anyway: freedom from them! (smile) I love you each because we are one and the same in truth. St. Germain/Joseph”
(212 Received Sunday, March 28, 2021, © Rick Greathouse, A Journey Into the Unknown)

❤️Pause 💚Listen In 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

PS: Last night, Sunday 28th Mar, I dreamt Lori was talking to me. I have zero memory of the setting or anything she said. Just woke up knowing she'd been with me. Feeling so much love, I got up and went to the bathroom. As I got back into bed I glanced over at the clock on Colin's nightstand. It said 2:12🦄

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🌏 A Journey Into The Unknown
       Newsletter Saturday 13th March 2021

Precious Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎

We made it! Through one whole year of COVID-19. Through so much loss. With courage, with anger, with tears, and with kindness ... always kindness. It's time to pause, breathe, and celebrate! CBS news anchor Norah O'Donnell said it best, “Our world turned upside down, and our perspectives turned right side up.” The kinder, gentler new planetary Age of Aquarius is here! As I wrote a couple of days ago in ‘A Space Hurricane

“Aquarius is showering the planet with plasma, the conveyor of the newly arriving cosmic solar light intelligence into form... Rest assured, my beloved precious Jewels the many tragedies of this past year have not been for naught. Every single loving thought, word, and act of kindness has not gone unnoticed. While the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown has been unpredictable, upending, and chaotic. And the accompanying deconstruction and disclosure of the many flaws in our previously revered and relied upon ‘systems’ have been unsettling. My experience, my deep knowing, and my continued fervent prayer is that it is all purposeful. Global answers unknown and impossible to know. Yet our own answers endlessly being discovered, in the present, one moment at a time. In WHOLEness.”

And so we keep going! Journeying on alone together, not knowing and coming to know, one moment at a time. This is the movement of the New. As we knowingly surrender to the unknown. The New is Here now. It is landing within and all around us. Through the particles of our bodies. Through none other than you, me, each and every one of us. As individual Christs. Undivided, undefended, and inseparable in ONEness. As I said before, celebrate! Cheers!🥂

It has been a very full six weeks since I last wrote. Much movement within the stillness. And much sound within the silence. To quote Albert Camus “Never have I felt so deeply at one and the same time so detached from myself and so present in the world.” We enjoyed some delicious Journey Zoom conversations every Tuesday through the month of February. It was lovely welcoming new companions each week, along with our ever-present team of pioneers in the unseen realm. Discovering new truths together in deep presence and dialogue. These four gatherings were topped with the juicy cherry of a fun Journey Re(Union) with Rick Greathouse on 28th Feb. You are wholeheartedly invited to convene Journey conversation(s) in your own way and in your own time, as your heart prompts. And you're welcome to contact us if you would like your invitation to be shared on the Journey website.

Today we're happy to let you know that A Journey Into the Unknown, Book Two has officially been completed (seven chapters), and is also currently being translated into French. Check out the Journey Two website. Many thanks to Rick's continuing devotion and receptivity, Jacques' and Maryse' translation efforts, Colin's Word skills, and Jo's website super-powers. The Messages in Union and Relationship continue to be received daily from our unseen team. These are added once a week to the Journey Messages website. They are also posted each day on Instagram @CoCreatingClarity. And finally as always, Journey Book One is freely available to all — text and audio — on the main Journey website.

And so we each Journey on Into the Unknown. Blessing all indiscriminately. Loving all unconditionally. And taking the actions that arise within, as our heart and soul prompts.

💛Pause ❤️Breathe 💙Listen in 💚Feel 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Act

With blessings and with love to all🌺

“The only response is Love. The only time is Now. And We are the Ones.”

💛🌏 The Unknown

Sharing with blessings and so much love to all 🌺

“The picture of your brother given you to occupy the space so lately left unoccupied and vacant will not need defense of any kind. For you will give it overwhelming preference. Nor delay an instant in deciding that it is the only one you want. It does not stand for double concepts. Though it is but half the picture and is incomplete, within itself it is the same. The other half of what it represents remains unknown, but is not cancelled out. And thus is God left free to take the final step Himself. For this you need no pictures and no learning aids. And what will ultimately take the place of every learning aid will merely be.”
— A Course in Miracles, T-27.III.6
“Life is the connecting tissue of the web of form with the divine All. Life is consciousness. Christ-consciousness is awareness of what is. It is the awareness of connection and relationship of All to All. It is the merging of the unknowable and the knowable through movement, expression, and being.”
A Course of Love, D:Day11.8
“The electric age ushered in a wave of new and increasingly sophisticated technology to make life and communication easier. This is now the gilded age. A time where the unknown becomes known. A time where the content becomes more important than the form. The physical will take a backseat to the energy that actually propels form. The soul will be the star of this new gilded age.”
— A Journey Into the Unknown, J36.1
“The cells of your body are part of the newly birthing conscious universe... You are helping or hindering this advent of consciousness... it is the childhood of The New... Your heart holds a reflection of your soul. The cells in your body, and their interaction, mirror the activity in the heavens. You are not separate from anything.”
Mirari: The Way of the Marys, p107,157

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💛 A Space Hurricane
       Tuesday 9 March 2021

The weaving began a few days ago with this NBC News headline that got my attention — “‘Space hurricane’ that rained electrons observed for the first time: The spiral-armed plasma storm swirled roughly 125 miles over the North Pole, churning in place for almost eight hours.” Woah!😳

Last month, on the 11 Feb New Moon in Aquarius, I wrote —

“What if Aquarius ♒️ is not a water carrier but a plasma carrier? What if he's bathing the earth in plasma? And what if we are not solid bodies? What if we are fiery, shimmering, undulating blobs of plasma? Neither solid, nor liquid, nor gas, but a fourth state — a fiery union of all three that is infinitely greater than the simple sum of the parts!? Pure pulsating energy. Just like the sun and the stars? Pure energy teeming with potential? Formless yet incessantly forming. Never ever the same one quantum moment to the next. Held together in body shapes by our own internal magnetic force — the Heart Center? Through our own loving (and not so loving) awareness, attention, and choices? .. Now is a good time to play with the possibility that they'll (we'll) never find the answers in separation, with the masculine mind of science alone. Perhaps answers can only be found as a whole through the seamless union of the feminine heart. Through each and every one of us”

Well today it seems we're moving forward very nicely in our sacred work of weaving into being — seamlessly and flowingly — the divine masculine within the embrace of the divine feminine. A powerful prize, hard won (at least it feels that way for me) across eons of blood, sweat, and tears. Standing resolute. Always resilient. At times defiant. Never once doubting that it is possible! Inevitable even! Each willing heart doing this necessary work alone together. It has surely been a very looooong, arduous, yet purposeful journey. Yet here we are! And I am delighted to share with you some concrete evidence of my what-if imaginings! From a report by Denise Chow of NBC News, published 4 Mar 2021

“Scientists said last week they observed a previously unknown phenomenon — a 620-mile-wide swirling mass of plasma that roiled for hours in Earth's upper atmosphere, raining electrons instead of water... labeled a Space Hurricane ... caused by streams of plasma unleashed from the sun in what's known as the solar wind. As these clouds of charged particles hurl through space, they can fuel magnetic storms and trigger stunning displays of the northern or southern lights. ... “It really wasn't expected,” said Larry Lyons, a professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles. “It wasn't even theoretically known.””

Wow! As I write these words, I'm just now remembering that I shared with my family last week, a video of the most unusually stunning Aurora display over Tromsø, Norway. Turns out, the video was captured the very same week of this never-before-recorded-nor-even-theoretically-thought-possible space hurricane! If that doesn't blow your socks off I don't know what will!

Oh my! What a quintessentially Piscean, separated, analytical ... and yes ... masculine response! And what a delightful reminder to dear Professor Lyons and to all of us, that we are journeying into the unknown! Of course it wasn't even theoretically known! How could it be? No one knows! And yet in each moment, each one knows with a certainty that is uniquely their own! Some crazy s%*t huh!?💩

We are squarely .. wait no! ... not ‘squarely’! Haha! See how easily I fall back into the old? So let me try again ... We are spirally in the unknown territory of the Aquarian Age of nonduality. On the cusp of the Union of BOTH/AND at one and the same time. I trust you are both surrendering and hanging on tight. Feeling both untethered and grounded. Both resting as you can in stillness, and taking vigorous action as it arises within. Knowing yourself as both a distinct sparkling jewel and as the whole of Indra's Infinite Net of Jewels. Both energy and form. Both light wave and particle. As we hurtle through the unstructured, chaordic (ordered chaos) of the void. That zero-point stillness of the breath, before sound and before light. Into the infinite possibilities of the Imaginal Realm. This is the realm of the Quantum Foam (Video, Part Two) which scientists know exists and have labeled, yet none has explained. It is a roiling, bubbling froth from which all form arises. Within which movement is ceaselessly forming and unforming the formless. Many particles arise, which, somehow deemed unsustainable, simply fall back into the Quantum Void. And yet it is also this selfsame Quantum Void/Foam from which all particles newly sustainable arise in form. And therefore from which the entire universe of form and all life within it, comes into being. And so it is that the Unknowable is made Known. Unexplainable. Alchemical. Yet Available.

The (over)simplification of complexity through centuries of Cartesian Thinking, and the comfortable certainties of the Newtonian sciences are fading in usefulness. The Systems Thinking way of relationships, with recognition that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, gets us a little bit closer. Yet neither of these handy tools of the Old alone will serve. And nor it seems will the Quantum sciences of uncertainties and probabilities, which rely upon the predictability of the Observer, and on each and every relationship flow within the Quantum Field. The unknown is just that. Unknown. Necessarily incomplete in the linear time of Chronos. Yet always Known in time outside of time — in the Timeless Now of Kairos. And always and only through the observer .. the Choicemaker! You and me. Individuated as One. And thus the Unknown is brought into form within time. The truth made known in each present moment, through each one of us. Love endlessly expressing Love in Form in the Quantum Now. Certainty can no longer be found any other way nor anywhere else.

Our plasma carrier Aquarius ♒️ sure is getting busy!
I am so loving and blessing their (and our) androgynous soul!
As Within So Without
As Above So Below
As No-thing So Every-thing

Aquarius is showering the planet with plasma, the conveyor of the newly arriving cosmic solar light intelligence into form. Much as water is the conveyor of our sun's light energy into cellular form for plants in photosynthesis. Turns out that water does something very similar within the human body! A process currently being explored thanks to the 2018 discovery of a brand new organ in the human body they've labeled the Interstitium. I'd tell you more, but this post is far too long as it is!

Rest assured, my beloved precious Jewels 🕸💎🕸💎🕸💎🕸 the many tragedies of this past year have not been for naught. Every single loving thought, word, and act of kindness has not gone unnoticed. While the COVID-19 pandemic and lock down has been unpredictable, upending, and chaotic. And the accompanying deconstruction and disclosure of the many flaws our previously revered and relied upon ‘systems’ has been unsettling. My experience, my deep knowing, and my continued fervent prayer is that it is all purposeful. Global answers unknown and impossible to know. Yet our own answers endlessly being discovered, in the present, one moment at a time. In WHOLEness. Through the seamless union of the feminine heart inclusive of the masculine. The One Heart, One Mind, One Will — the intent of Creation itself — which serves the highest outcome for All. Nothing and no one left out. For there is no outside in ONEness. It is happening here and now. Through each and every one of us. Through our oh-so-tired precious bodies. All that's needed is our willingness. To gently shelter and tenderly cradle our newly birthing light-body-Soul-selves — our new 5D solar-cosmic-Christed-form. I know. It is happening as I write. It is how this came to be written. But that's a whole other story!

Today is a good day to sink within. Letting go of all we think we know. Simmering in the rich juicy plasma of our not knowing. Feeling the discomfort of all that must transform as we are coming to know. Willing and alert for the new knowing that is arising. Within us. Within Gaia. The New Earth in Form. For We are the Ones we have been waiting for. One by sacred One, alone together, let's light up and claim the magnificence of the CoCreators that we are indeed! 💛Pause ❤️Breathe 🧡Listen In 💚Feel 💙Accept Your Feelings 💜Trust YourSelf 💖Take Action💛

With so much love to all 🌺

💛 The Field of Creation

Sharing with so much love to all 🌺

“With your new awareness you are now linked, through the consciousness of unity, with the entire field of creation, rather than only with the time-bound field of creation of form. As your awareness grows, you will begin to expand and express in new ways. Those ways thus now include the form of your body without being limited to creation of, and in, form. The body has thus joined creation in a non-time-bound way... In observing both yourself and others, you have learned to view your body in the field of time.”
— A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:7.20,26
“Your self-guidance can be thought of as an internal compass. It will not necessarily know the answers as each answer is sought, but if paid attention to, it will show you the way to knowing. This alchemical transition, this passing of the unknown into the known, this moment when the unknown becomes the known within the Self, is the birth of creation. It is the culmination of all that has come before, the All of Everything realized in a single heartbeat, a single instant of knowing. This is the One Self knowing itself. This is not knowing that comes with a great ah ha, but knowing that comes with the awe of reverence. Creator and created are one and the homecoming experienced is that of union.”
— A Course of Love, The Dialogues, D:Day26.6-7
“You will realize that as we individuate we are in a constant state of creation as well as of creative tension. As we become individuated beings in union and relationship, we continuously create one another. We create from the field of the possible which must include everything.”
— A Course of Love, The Dialogues, Day39.4

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🌺 A Love Letter to Men
       Thursday 4 March 2021

[Note to reader: This piece was first shared within the safety of the private Facebook Group ‘Mary Magdalene's Great Passage’. Then it felt too tender to share publicly. Yet today I include it on my website as another puzzle piece in my Journey to Wholeness. Trusting those who happen upon it here are meant to receive it. May it inform and inspire you. with so much love 🌺]

🌺 Dear Dave💎 Thank you for writing. I read, receive, understand, and hold in my heart all that you have written, as I enfold you also, in love. The victim-perpetrator energy pattern is leaving the planet, thanks to the many souls who have suffered through it it, myself included. I am feeling there is now, a very tender, delicate, kind of in-between time, as we are birthing the new. With the feminine leading, more women than men on the ‘bleeding’ edge of this powerful movement. And my experience is that there can often be a painful encroachment of the harsh, boundaried, sharpness of the old hierarchy; into the tender, wide-open, fresh, still-damp babe of the newly birthing divine feminine in human form. This is the unknown space I feel we, here in this group, are coming to know together. And we are painfully, gracefully, facing all that is arising within each of us, in order to clear space — anchoring and grounding the energy of the New through our precious bodies. It is the space of an infinite web — Indra's Net of Jewels 💎🕸💎🕸💎 A space that is open, unbounded, and inclusive of all. Nothing and no one left out. My experience is that I need to live BOTH in loving nurturing of myself AND in alert protection of the New. For I am not yet well practiced, mature, confident, and adept. And the world is not yet, shall we say, hospitable. These new choices I make — that women are leading the way in making, dear Dave can often be interpreted by the masculine/men as an affront on their egos. And their response can often be one of attack — verbal and physical. It takes tremendous resilience, strength, courage, and compassion for me, and I'm guessing for most women, to continue to respond with compassion and with love. Especially after living decades of our lives in danger — emotional, physical, and financial danger. While at the same time honoring the wounds of the men, and bearing the burden of the man's emotional work and well-being. This is not new. This is a tricky time for every awakened soul. For men. And especially for the women. Living deeply into this as I am, from within a depleted, exhausted, yet still standing, woman's body, is a lot harder than writing and talking about it. My receptive understanding and tenderness is increasingly joined these days by a fierceness that broaches no argument, and suffers no victims. For I am releasing myself by my own hand and heart from that prison you speak of, which was self-imposed only in part! Imagine a planet just like earth, everything the same except that the physical stature — weight, height, strength — of men and women are the opposite. I am forever grateful to Petra and Anna for opening this space and convening us all, so we grow in confidence, beyond the boundaries of our physical bodies, into the multidimensional knowing that we can do this, we are doing this, both alone and together. Bless you dear Dave, and with love to all🌺
P.S.: And to help me and all of us remember the absurdity of life, here's the most hilarious and accurate depiction of my masculine ego passing out!🤣 It's time! For me, for you for all of us … don't you agree? Enjoy!
Rooster Passes Out

“This “protective” energy is what you might see as the difference in our way of Mary, and it is essential for this time in which The New is destined to be born. While the way of Jesus stirs those toward The New, the way of “the Mother” is to nurture the new life that arrives there with equal parts freedom and protection... Our way calls for firmness as well as gentleness, and equal compassion for those with whom we must be steady in protecting against, as for those we shield until their lights can shine brightly on the world. Do not forget the image of the women joined around the fire, and their position as both anchoresses and protectors. Let this fire among you, and this fire going out from you, guide your way.”
Mirari: The Way of the Marys, p67

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