Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom

The Fetzer Institute funded research to explore and articulate the Field of Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom. Read a brief description of the Fetzer Institute, and explore their website.

The result of this this inquiry into group wisdom is the publication titled "Centered on the Edge: Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom" — A.Briskin, S.Erickson, J.Lederman, J.Ott, D.Potter, & C.Strutt, Kalamazoo, MI: The John E. Fetzer Institute, 2001.

Centered on the Edge is a 90 page exploration into those almost magical moments in intentional exploration and discovery, when collective insight, co-creation and action emerge within groups. Over 100 people were surveyed about their work with groups and 61 were interviewed. The authors have endeavored to mirror back what these people said; to bring form to the images and energies that pulsated throughout this process; to capture some of the textures and multi-dimensionality of the deeper harmonic which were heard and felt. Contact me if you’d like to receive a copy of this beautiful publication via USPS.

Principles and Practices: Christina's primary contribution was the distillation, from the 61 interviews, of the Principles circumscribing the Field of Collective Intelligence and Spiritual Wisdom.

This excerpt from Centered on the Edge (pages 59-63) offers an illustrated outline of principles and patterns reverberating from the experience of people long active in this field. They fall into three categories: (1) elements of the experience of collective wisdom, (2) significance of gathering in seeking collective wisdom, and (3) practices for preparing and opening to collective wisdom.

Since the publication of Centered on the Edge in 2001, we have been told time and again that many people refer often to these five pages of the book. They use this segment of the book as a reminder, for practice and as a useful reference that they make sure they have with them when working in groups.

Read an extended version of all 26 Principles — Elements of the Experience, Significance of Gathering, and Practices for Preparing and Opening .

Electricity and Groups: Christina's additional contribution to Centered On The Edge is this meditative essay inquiring into the parallels between the phenomenon being explored and the laws and relationships that govern the realm of electricity. Read the essay .

Also read her concept paper (found at the end of the Concepts page) 'Quadrants & Circles: A Map of the Inner and Outer Worlds of the individual and the Collective' (July 2002) .

The Collective Wisdom Initiative was intended to help make visible the emerging field of collective wisdom, its study and practice. The 2001 publication of 'Centered On The Edge' was just a beginning. There is much more that has evolved and is still evolving through the support and contributions of hundreds of people and organizations who have, for decades, been actively engaged in this field.

The group of ten authors who initiated this study invite you to join this movement into living in relationship, union, and oneness. Enjoy the Collective Wisdom Initiative website and read our Concluding Reflections .

To start practicing today, read CoCreating Collective Wisdom: The Love-Fear Continuum.

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